Simon Weckert
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Reading is a way to wisdom

Installation, 2014

An interactive media, which is a combination of light projection with concrete object (a book) by using tracking technology to start the projection when the visitors open the book. The interesting part of this project is about to make a project of half digital and half analogue.
Nowadays technology plays an important role in our lives. Most people use internet with computer or smart phone to access informations. Technology is helpful and convenient, but on the other hand, this makes people have less patient than before and therefore people seldom read books. This project is for everyone, children and adults to remind them not to leave books behind. The goal is that to persuade people to keep reading, to be more patient and to realize that knowledge in books is a way to wisdom and also imagination. This project is also a mutation of the classical novel “Alice in wonderland”, which has a mystery and surreal story behind.

Technical approach :
VVVV program by Simon Weckert
After Effect , Photoshop, PS3 Camera, Two projectors
Project designer : Chosita Raksaseree
Programmer : Simon Weckert