Simon Weckert
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No Travel Agency

Performance, 2022

You are invited to a journey that will not strain your body, or leave any carbon emissions. Together, we are going to travel to a place of which you will say „It’s like no place on earth!“. In the interactive performance No Travel Agency we will teleport to a place that you have visited many times, but have no memory of.
Welcome to a journey you have never imagined. Come and see a place like no one on earth. A place that can’t be found, but does not exist without you. An unknown place, but you have been there before. A place without creatures, but shaped by us.
No Mobility Travel Agency offers an evening of cyber teleportation. We will travel without any strain and without any carbon emissions. We would like to invite you to join us on an interactive journey. We will disappear from this place and reappear in another place. We will enter a place that only exists temporarily for us and yet does not exist without us. A world of new cultural narratives formed by us but also by you.
This interactive performance is an experiment in knowledge production about technology and the nature of location.
It will be a journey you will never forget. Be one of the first! Enjoy the adventure of your lifetime! Come and see the beauty like no one on earth. Feel invited to take part, but also feel free to let curiosity lead you. We are looking forward to facilitating and traveling with you.

And now, please follow the instructions of your travel agent. Thank you for choosing No Mobility Travel Agency.

An interactive cyber teleportation performance by Simon Weckert and Gloria Gammer.

Photo: Domen Pal / Aksioma