Simon Weckert
Work About


Installation, 2022

We meet a great number of people on a daily basis. Without the ability to recognize faces at a glance, we could not distinguish these people from one another - a skill, which is fundamental for our social interactions. What would happen, if a person's face were changed through constant small alterations, culminating in a new, individual look? How many changes are necessary to redefine sex, nature, culture, social class, the good, the true and the beautiful? Would this have an effect on our trust in these people or would they be socially excluded? For this work, different poeple were photographically portrayed. The photograph's data was then inserted into an AI-algorithm, which now generates deceptively natural looking portraits of people in an endless loop.

But "none" of this persons in reality "exist", because they are just an interpretation of an AI how human faces could looks like!

Projekt gefördert durch die Stadt Chemnitz.