Simon Weckert
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Himmelfahrt (Ascension) - Cyber Procession

Installation, 2022

Entering heaven alive (ascension) is a belief held in various religions. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it specifically refers to one's physical and final passage into the afterlife without dying (or leaving behind a corpse).

By entering a predefined area directly in front of the blue monolith, the art installation tries to reinterpret this religious belief where the visitor's body is scanned into a real-time point cloud and displayed on the canvas. If the visitor jump up in front, the body appears as a three-dimensional point cloud and begins to fly up the monolith. Immediately after the point cloud disappears at the edge of the canvas, its data is uploaded to the "" website and continues its journey with an endless flight.

A digital symbolism is assigned to the Feast of Resurrection, whereby in the installation the soul symbolically separates from the body through the jump. The extension of the jump on the website creates a connection to the fact that people do not disappear after they die, but that their souls live on. Thus, an exciting interplay between a digital sphere, Good Friday and Easter will be created by the art installation.

Website: Himmelfahrt (Ascension)