Simon Weckert
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Installation, 2020

Bauhaus is considered the center of modernism. Utopias were created here that inspire generations of designers and artists. Current technologies and digital tools give us the opportunity to explore the ideas of Bauhaus again. Together with the visitors, we want to try out how experimental designs and utopias of this ideas work with contemporary media.

The interactive video installation Chaordic (chaos and order) in the Bauhaus Museum Weimar refers to a control system that combines the properties of chaos and order. This leads to a mixture of chaos and order, which can be seen as a fruitful coexistence of both elements.

The starting point is a chaotic structure of lines and colors as a dynamic projection on the wall. The observer can influence this through his or her movement in space and place the disordered structure in a metric network of planimetric relationships. Starting from points and straight lines as the basic objects of planimetry, their positional relationships are examined and further geometric objects such as: lines, rays, angles and colors are defined. This process refers to lines that relate the human body to the abstract space around it and at the same time transforms the body into an abstract figure that describes space through geometry and movement.

In Collaboration with Jin Lee