Simon Weckert
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A(i)R Pollution

Application, 2023

A tree is located in the center of a 12 qm frame (the amount of air we breath every day). By installting the “A(i)R Pollution” App on your smartphone, the breath of the plant is visualized. The aim of the artwork is to raise attention about clean air and also to create a measure for comparison. The app uses an air pollution sensor in order to measure the amount of CO2 in its surrounding environment through webservices. For this reason, the tree will only breathe when there is sufficient oxygen in the air and at that point it will visualize its breath.The user is invited to get close to the tree and observe the breath that can be inhaled by the visitor.

The aim of this project is to raise awareness about clean air and to spread awareness about how harmful industrialization is. The app “A(i)R Pollution” was created by artist Simon Weckert who believes that everyone has an impact on other people’s health, and since we all share the same planet, he thinks that everyone should take responsibility for their actions.

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